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Biodiesel is as a high-tech fuel and due to its numerous benefits an advanced alternative to mineral diesel as well as an important part of the energy mix of the future. According to the blending ratio (German: Beimischungsquote) of the diesel sold in Germany a seven percent share biodiesel (B7) is mixed. In addition, pure biodiesel (B100) fuel can be tanked or used for industrial applications.

Biodiesel reaches the highest quality standards. Due to the European biodiesel standard DIN EN 14214 a consistently high level of quality is assured. In addition, biodiesel’s natural properties – can only be achieved by fossil fuel of different additives or complex production processes:

  • By nature, virtually free of sulfur
  • Excellent lubricity
  • Particularly good ignitability owing to the higher cetane number

Biodiesel can also be used in winter. By appropriate additives, a winter performance is possible to the point of minus 20 degrees – just as conventional / ordinary diesel fuel.







About us

KFS Biodiesel GmbH & Co. KG based in Cloppenburg, a company of NEF-group, has been working for nearly a decade in the field of biodiesel production as an independent producer and provider of eco-friendly biodiesel in Germany and Europe. KFS relies on innovative technologies which make it possible to produce biodiesel out of rape oil, used vegetable oil, and used cooking oil or adipose.

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