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The KFS Biodiesel GmbH & Co. KG, a manufacturer of climate-friendly biodiesel based on a multi-feed system, attaches very high importance to the sustainability of the raw materials and a positve carbon footprint.

The basis for all raw materials which are used is the certification by the Sustainability Ordinance (German: Nachhaltigkeitsverordnung) and particularly the retraceability of all products.

This principle leads to a double market strategy, which on the one hand leads to the use of already used oil from the food industry and vegetable oils or predominantly cold pressed rapeseed oil from regional manufacturers.

The KFS provides the local food industry with vegetable oil and and on the other Hand used vegetable oils are processed into biodiesel.

The raw material which means the entire canola plant is fully utilized and the rapeseed press cake is processed in adjacent animal feed plants. The majority of all goods (biodiesel, glycerol as well as rapeseed cake) is marketed locally and in the local area around the plant. Many of the transport companies working for the KFS only use biodiesel in their fleet. All residual materials and by-products are completely reprocessed and supplied to the respective purpose or used in surrounding biogas plants for the most sensible production of biogas. The energy demand (heat) of the biodiesel plant is in base load operation supplied by a vegetable oil decentral combined heat and power station which is prosecuted with an annual utilization rate of at least 70 percent. The KFS provides the local food industry with vegetable oil and additionally processes used vegetable oils into biodiesel. Through this environmentally friendly use of renewable resources in the region, with short transport distances and the optimal exploitation of all raw materials and commodity flows for the local food and energy sector, the KFS achieves an excellent ecological balance.


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About us

KFS Biodiesel GmbH & Co. KG based in Cloppenburg, a company of NEF-group, has been working for nearly a decade in the field of biodiesel production as an independent producer and provider of eco-friendly biodiesel in Germany and Europe. KFS relies on innovative technologies which make it possible to produce biodiesel out of rape oil, used vegetable oil, and used cooking oil or adipose.

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